The close of a year, start of a new

The smell of cinnamon and barnwood filled the air of the house. The kids would walk in to a surprise in a few minutes–they were right behind us since we met mom and dad at my sister’s for dinner and were all piling up at the little “cabin”. We had not had a tree in two years and my friend helped us find one on sale.

It was the perfect style for our family, and really made the living room pop. I love trees, forests, the woods–whatever you want to call it–and evergreens are at the top of the list. When we talked of a tree, we figured we’d have to put it behind the couch, as our little living room has only so much room.

Little did we know, this would fit perfectly by our front door, next to the fireplace. The box did make it seem a bit larger, but I was thankful this time for the inaccuracy. We did not buy a tree topper but used my daughter’s top hat craft from the day she got to dress like a snowman.

So maybe you are behind like us, putting a tree up after Christmas–yay for half off sales–don’t sweat it. Do your thing as long as it doesn’t go against scripture or become an idol in your life. I’ve just now begun a chapter in my life and am very thankful to be thankful, joyful and peaceful by default now.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn some lessons, and that’s okay. God doesn’t waste a thing. Isn’t Judah cute? He wanted a candy cane so bad….

We were so thankful mom and dad and the kids had safe travels, and that my parents got to stay the night. It was a special treat for sure that we will treasure. I enjoyed preparing blankets and pillows and making the area extra cozy. Coffee in the morning and taking dogs out to bark at birds in the fresh air was also enjoyable.

The kids truly had a good holiday break with their grandparents, and though it was so different without them for so long, I was grateful the Lord allowed them time during my surgery, and allowed my husband to be off for so many days so I didn’t have to rush the recovery.

God is in the details.

If you have family, treasure them. Make memories. Be thankful for each day, which is a gift. Don’t let mess ups and mishaps trip you up. Time does wonderful things with a heart postured at God’s feet.

Don’t compare, and don’t give regrets the time of day. Love big and forgive much. Create and contribute, share and dance. These are things that will teach louder than many words.

Thank you, Father, for those you put in my life and chose to raise me. May I be a blessing to others in return, to glorify you, ultimately. (This is Carrson, my new nephew whom I got to babysit last week…I am in love).

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