our family

This is us.

We are a family of five uprooted from our home state of Kentucky to follow where the Lord said, “Go”.

We are not special. We’ve followed imperfectly but continue to show up. We don’t have life figured out, but we’ve walked some hard roads and hope to share the hard-won peace we now have in our home. It did not come easy. It came with a fight, and the Lord continues to show us mercy, helping us maintain that peace daily.

My prayer is this old blog (Faith Adventures if any of you remember…) morphed into my new one (peace + coffee) will be a blessing–truly fruitful to those of you who stop by.



We are imperfect but finally….are living!

What do I mean?


There is existing, and then there’s truly living. My husband and I both grew up in church together but we did not know Christ then as we know Him now. There is a difference when you experience His transformative power in your life. The never looking back kind.

That’s what I mean when I say, I hope this blog will be fruitful to others, as I know it will be to myself having written it. If at any time I share something you think is not sound or Biblical, I do not mind if you reach out to me. My desire is to keep everything in line with the Word, yet as an imperfect person I know sharing things can also be personally subjective.

I am thankful to have the Bible as my guide, lighting my path, and I am thankful Christ has allowed me to sit here right now and share my journey, valleys and all.

Many blessings, and much freedom in Christ to you.