#FiveMinuteFriday: I can’t control much, but this is what I can control…


Oh, the fear that controlled me like a string puppet for so long.  Learning how to slash through the lies that try to reattach has been a journey, a fiery process of refinement.

Oh, I pray the leaders make the right and just decisions, but I can not control them – I can only control me and how I give love.

Oh, my husband is his own person and no matter how close we get and how wonderful our relationship progresses, there will be times I wish to get in his head and grab the handle bars in order to turn him to my point of view – but I can’t. ¬†I can only control me and how I give love.

Oh, my stars – kids are a blessing but no matter how many times I repeat myself, what I do will still be more in the long run – and since I can’t control them, steering them from harm, I will choose to only try to control me. Just me and how I give love.

May I trade control for trust in God all these areas.  Everyday will be a work in progress, admittedly.


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This was a 5 minute free write, no edits involved, with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Today’s word prompt was CONTROL.

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Addicted to Wandering


// We’ve always been addicted to the¬†journey’s¬†going, going, going.

Wandering. Traveling. Trekking.

We’ve never had a problem with change to say the least.¬† We even rented for 7 years partly because we felt we were supposed to go off on a foreign mission, and didn’t want to make it hard on God ya know…

Just typing that makes me chuckle.  Oh the things our minds were weighed down with when if we just would have relaxed and enjoyed the journey, maybe we could have enjoyed each other much more instead of white-knuckle gripping in prayer (which is needed sometimes, but as much as we probably did).

Learning to live by faith has been the best and biggest most wonderful, beautiful thing.

It is like a heavy shelf made of cast iron has been lifted from my shoulders and now I can walk lighter, not adorning the guilt of past mindsets which touted cuss words at me like: you musn’t care¬† if you are acting so freely, not pushing and striving.

Now the walk is lighter though we are still learning how to remain still when wandering isn’t in the plan. The walk is always adventurous with God, the journey. //

This was a 5 minute free write with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Today’s word prompt was JOURNEY.

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Love by Mail. #fmf

Snail mail is just. Well, awesome. 

It is so awesome it made its way onto the #fmf list and boy oh boy am I super happy.  If you have never heard of #FiveMinuteFriday or Kate Motaung, you should come check out this community of writers. Seriously.

I have been semi-participating in the #write31days worldwide event.  I chose to write on art and so I am meshing  these together, as if in a big bowl of flour, eggs and milk all mixed up to make something sweet for the both of us.



5 minutes to write my heart out so here I..

:: GO ::

Mail is like ale to the soul.

Give me some parcel and a chocolate morsel and a glass ‘o milk to wash it down and that right there is a pretty darn good gift.

Mail is like ale to the soul.

I’ll send you a postcard to show you my whereabouts in the great hinterlands that will hint to you my grand escapades in the great outdoors.

Mail is like a waterfall.

It showers me and cascades a glorious debut of your heart’s thought about me and I cherish it for life by remembering and stashing it away in an old Nike shoe box atop my closet shelf.

Mail is like a waterfall.

It keeps on coming. Some junky some lovely. But I hope we can agree that pen pals will never run out of style and they make the world a bit brighter indeed.


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Don’t focus on the test, focus on the Giver.

I am joining the #FiveMinuteFriday crew tonight for the writing prompt: T E S T ~ I am mixing in my #write31days of Art.

We have 5 minutes to write and here I go:


Oh, golly see I despise tests. Always have. Equals anxiety. On another note, life is real. I heard it once that this life was a test.  To see whether we would pass on to the right place, with God, eventually.

If that is the case, can I pretend it’s not?

Because tests. Oh, golly gee.

Where does Grace fit in a test taking reality?

Maybe it’s Grace for all who will receive it and for those who don’t,…well they just love tests and think they can pass them all on their own without any help.

I dunno.

I prefer a life of Grace, Art, Freedom and Creativity any day over hold-my-breath-suck-it-up-pray-you-got-it-all-right kinda  living.

Because I know I won’t.

I need you Jesus! I need you God! I need you Holy Spirit!

Carry me through the watery tests of life, Father and lavish sweet love upon me like butter on a fresh slice of artisan style bread.


You took the test for me Jesus.

You passed.

Now I can live.






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#FiveMinuteFriday: Heal~

Good evening, friends. It touches my heart that you come by and leave encouragement.¬† I have really enjoyed participating in Kate Motaung’s #FiveMinuteFriday writing prompts! This week our word is “heal.”


Here goes..heal3.jpg

“God, I thought I was too far gone. Too far gone for you to mess with. For you to care. I laid on that bathroom floor so many times, the tears wetted my chest as you bottled each one up. At the time I wasn’t thinking about the bottles. About each and every tear that never slipped passed your ever loving eyes.

At the time I was consumed with doubt, fear, worry.  Thinking this is who I am, that I should never get my hopes up -to be used in some special way in life, because how could I if I was this messed up myself?

How could ever even fathom helping another out of their junk if I couldn’t make it out of my own. But you showed me that junk wasn’t mine to bear alone, and you wanted to replace the junk and then use the junk.

You showed me another way. You have been patient and this year has brought much healing from years of pain and torment that I battled alone with.

You are healing me and have brought me to a group of people who I can trust and who I see you in.  I see you. I do.  I am filled and overflowing with joy and great expectancy of what marvelous things await.

Many may go to and fro in this life, thinking they can do it on their own, but I have learned I can not -without you, Father. I don’t want to.”


“But as for me, I get as close to him as I can!¬† I have chosen him and I will tell everyone about the wonderful ways he rescues me.” Psalms 73:28 TLB

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Path | Five Minute Friday | #fmf

Writing with Kate Motaung @ #FiveMinuteFriday – Our writing prompt is “Path” ~

5 minutes to write & here goes:



I was a young girl and there were many paths. Too many to choose from in fact.  Overwhelmed by it all, I took none of them.

And so started a cycle of desiring but never walking.  Of longing but cloaking myself in inadequacy.

I loved God and wanted more of Him but what did that path look like?

I had chosen my own road and messed up so badly. Would He dare take me back?

When I came back what would the path look like? Where would I go from there?

The road was lonely for years, and my heart reaches out with a plea to others who are glancing at the many paths pining for their love, and know this: God never leaves you, darling.

He is always there right by your side, though you feel the dark has closed in so low upon your skin that you may never see the light of day once again -you will once more just wait and see.

The dark will unveil off you and God’s light will kiss your face.¬† His path is this: embrace




#FiveMinuteFriday ~ What Lifts me.

Writing with Kate Moutang for #FiveMinuteFriday

A 5 minute time limit and this week’s word prompt is LIFT.


When circumstances try to crush me

Love lifts me.

When negative whispers try to get to me

Love lifts me.

When the unknowns try to wrap me in fear

Love lifts me.

When unmet expectations try to deter me

Love lifts me.

When wounds get reopened

Love lifts me.

When the temptation of comparison tries to suffocate me

Love lifts me.

When the money doesn’t look like it’s coming

Love lifts me.

When I want to stomp my feet like a child and demand my way

Love lifts me.

When my heart yearns for stillness

Love lifts me.

When I am tired of doing good

Love lifts my weary soul and set me back on my feet. Daily.

Thank you God for being Love.