Rainy Autumn Mondays Unto the Lord

We were thankful for the rain Monday morning. The dry ground was thirsty! I was glad the girls got their pumpkins carved the evening before, just in time. We don’t celebrate Halloween as its roots are not even close to God-honoring, and in my conviction, I cannot celebrate it, but I did wait for the pumpkins to go on sale for the girls to do their own little decor since God himself made pumpkins.

I started the day off early by cooking my husband a power bowl style breakfast with turkey bacon and blueberries. Tossed some black beans in the eggs for extra energy.

My youngest got off to school, and of course not too far into the morning once the sun came up all the way, the dogs were ready to go back out.

Back to the couch for some study in the Word. My friend loves to nestle up to me. He has these bouts a few times a day. It’s not all calm, trust me. This is round one, haha.

Since finding out I have gallbladder issues, I am only supposed to eat turkey, fish or chicken. I bought some ground turkey, cooked it thoroughly, boiled my green beans in a couple teaspoons of chicken broth, then combined the two and set on a low simmer. Once the pasta was finished, I combined all three. It doesn’t look the most appealing, but it tasted amazing. *Edited to add, this dish is actually from Tuesday evening I believe. I’ve been cooking so much I lost track.*

About midday while the littles I watch were napping, I went out to snap more photos because the beauty of fall is a gift to me, and since my birthday happens to be on its first day, I felt the Lord who created me, couldn’t have chosen a better time.

The evening came and I wanted to catch the coziness of our quaint space which I thank God for. We are merely travelers passing through this world, but I am thankful He allowed us to move here into this little pocket in the woods which reminds me much of our Kentucky house but with the four rooms we had always desired. This is the first time the kids have ever had their own bedroom.

Bye sun.

When I think of the beauty of autumn it only gives me one more reason to add to the countless others to be thankful to Jesus. He thought to make such things which blows my mind; I was glad to capture. The detail of creation is just another reason I can’t see how people might think there is no God.

He is obviously an on-purpose Creator…an on-purpose all mighty God!

“Yet hear now, O Jacob My servant,
And Israel whom I have chosen.
2 Thus says the Lord who made you
And formed you from the womb, who will help you:
‘Fear not, O Jacob My servant;
And you, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.
3 For I will pour water on him who is thirsty,
And floods on the dry ground;
I will pour My Spirit on your descendants,
And My blessing on your offspring;
4 They will spring up among the grass
Like willows by the watercourses.’
5 One will say, ‘I am the Lord’s’;
Another will call himself by the name of Jacob;
Another will write with his hand, ‘The Lord’s,’
And name himself by the name of Israel.

There Is No Other God

6 “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel,
And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:
‘I am the First and I am the Last;
Besides Me there is no God.
7 And who can proclaim as I do?
Then let him declare it and set it in order for Me,
Since I appointed the ancient people.
And the things that are coming and shall come,
Let them show these to them.
8 Do not fear, nor be afraid;
Have I not told you from that time, and declared it?
You are My witnesses.
Is there a God besides Me?
Indeed there is no other Rock;
I know not one.’ ”

Isaiah 44:1-8 NKJV

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Coffee Tasting at Drachenfutter

Recently, my sister and I stopped in at a local coffee shop tucked between local businesses. What a gem with a German name, Drachenfutter, they serve coffees, teas, gourmet deli-style eats and desserts. This is what it’s all about when it comes to cozy spaces. They even have a community printer, c’mon.

Bring the kids along for some boardgame time. Yes, they have a paper menu and kid meals too.

The moment my mouth hit the foam I knew I had found a favorite hangout spot with a rich drink to get me going. The prices are comparable to anywhere else but fresh with a small-town atmosphere you can’t get at a fast food or fast coffee joint.

I gave Drachenfutter a five-star review on Google. If you are in the Fort Leonard Wood area, definitely stop in sometime.

A Spontaneous Trip to the Lake with Church Family

A few weeks ago, some people from our church packed up and headed an hour away to a water hole where we enjoyed throwing a line out. Strike that–they threw their lines out and I of course grabbed my camera.

I found a place where it was less jagged rock and more pebbly-beachy. The need to stick my toes in the water was a must. We had not reserved a boat, so this was closest I was getting at such short notice. Yes, our church is pretty spontaneous. We love it.

All was quiet unless a random speed boat came around the bend, The trickle of the water and the smashing against the stones after boat ripples found us at the edge was priceless.

Even my husband decided to set his pole aside to gaze. That is rare!

I found a few treasures I am going to turn into crafts to hold memories from each trip. Some other women from the church joined me after I called them over to check out the hidden beach spot. It’s the small things!

We were thankful to get out that day, and if I am to be honest, which I will because as writer there is no other way to live–it was actually a difficult morning emotionally because someone I used to be close to contacted me at near arrival. The timing threw me off for a while, but I finally settled in my spirit midway through the trip I could not let negative thoughts fester, or they would ruin my whole day, and it would be no one’s fault but my own. Needless to say, the day wound up being great, but the lesson was for me not to wait so long to lay it at Jesus feet. I know this but knowing and doing are not the same of course! We have to live by the words He said, not just admire them, and this is what I pray to become more and more.

– Meg