Why Proper Rest is Vital to Our Health

What To Do with Bulbs in Pots When They’re Done Blooming was the title of the video I watched as I moved from sipping tea to a cup of coffee before getting ready for work.

Beyond being mesmerized at the beauty and obvious skill required to create such a superior garden layout, I leaned in when the woman compared two seedling trays as she prepared to thin the thicker, more lush tray.

Both trays had sprouts but the fuller tray needed thinning so the sprouts would not begin to fight for the nutrients. She hovered over them and began to snip, going a step further for others by popping them from each cell to gently shake the roots loose in order to separate so the sprouts could grow apart.

“Pruning requires the cutting away not only of what is superfluous but also what appears to be good stock. Why should we be so baffled when the Lord appears to cut away good things from our lives?

He has explained why. “This is my Father’s glory, that you may bear fruit in plenty and so be my disciples.” (John 15:8 NEB ). We need not see how it works. He has told us it does work.” – Elisabeth Elliot, Keep A Quiet Heart

You can not bear fruit if there’s too much going on. Your head will swim and spin, your heart will be weary and drained. You will do no one any good, especially yourself. Repeat.

This week I let a domain and its email go that I have for years (the magnitude of this is so great I would need to share in another post/what it entails/what it truly cut out of my life).

It seems there’s always a trim, trim, snip here and there as I go about, but maybe too the reality is that my thirty plus years so far my garden has been overgrown and I did not know it until….

A passerby commented.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

All the good things fought for energy.

Enjoyment eluded, which was the initial point.

Reclaiming Rest, YouVersion Plan

I can usually tell when something is off because I am no longer myself, irritable, and crave time to recoup but instead of resting I do another thing and read a Bible plan ABOUT resting.

Um, no and no. Not good enough!

What is the point of reading scriptures and plans if we have no intention of asking God to help us learn to walk them out?

We need not feel guilty for being obedient when God says to sit and rest for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s no wonder we get frazzled, angry, and irritable. It’s time to finally listen and stop trying to hold the world up as if we are its Savior.

When needs show themselves, it is also important to remember we also have them ourselves. I was gently reminded these past years to not forget in my praying, to pray for God to help myself too.

Friend, if you are in need of rest in body, mind and spirit, it is okay to admit it and take some time to rejuvenate. This is not selfish, especially if the Lord tends to use you to outpour into others, He knows you regularly need to be refilled so you can continue to be used for His glory, and that refilling may not look how others get refilled because we are all made differently.

Take some time this week to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness as you go about your tasks, and remember that He will provide proper time for you to rest when needed, but do not turn it down and run to things when He does.

This may mean slowing down our responses to others so we don’t get ahead of God. It will mean giving up some good things for His best.

I am thankful God has been patient with me through weeks of what feels like walking through a firey trial, and I can say He has never failed me and I am only able to share this by His strength, grace and glorious majesty.

Be blessed.



the sound of joy

This is the sound.

The sound of joy.

Beating, my heart.

Thumping a fine rhythm

to wonders unexplainable.

Who am I

that He should care?

Inwardly, I bow

before my King.

Outwardly, I dance.

My voice, it sings.

This is the sound.

The sound of joy.

This poem is dedicated to a leap of faith I made recently, and how I feel right now about it. Have you ever stepped out on a limb because the Holy Spirit kept nudging, and you are just so glad you obeyed?

I will have more to share when I get details!

It’s super exciting; something that has been on my heart for years, and to God be the glory! Thanks for hanging out here for a bit. I took off last week, and am glad to be back as the Lord sees fit. Praying for you writers!

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Beauty in every corner.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This week I am summing up life with captured moments from the office and home. Before uploading I compared blog post titles since I’ve been back in this space, and it was quite interesting to me how about every three posts there was a slope, then back up it went.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Unpredictable. Ups and downs. We act shocked sometimes as if this is not common, but ups and downs are, even if we are spiritually grounded.

These photos tell me that even when things are what sometimes seems like a low point, there is beauty to be found. What will we focus on?

We can focus on lack, or abundance in Christ. Lack (we are moving and leaving people and familiar places, oh no!). Lack (where will we go?) Or, abundance (God must have a plan, and it’s better than mine no doubt!) Abundance (we will meet more people and they may become as family!)

The abundant outlook changes darkness to light. People we were once unsure of can be seen in a new way. Possible brothers and sisters. Instead of fear, potential is birthed from hope in Christ. It’s all about perspective.

Perspective matters, and this is something I thought about one night after a long day when I still had to run to the store, but decided to swing into a drive-thru for a snack, which I never do alone. I said, “Why not?”

Perspective can be beautiful. Those whom we love but hurt for, or are celebrating with for different reasons, is a gift. It’s a gift to feel. They should not rule us no, but I firmly believe the rawness of life was something Christ didn’t shy away from.

Christ displays abundant life for us, through the Word and in those who shine His light. Maybe some of us need more practice, and that’s okay. Father, we pray, help us. And thank You for it. We can’t do it without You. Life, that is.

Keep your chin up.

Hope Lives.

His name is Jesus.

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reworking the heart

The dead-end road had me hitting that pavement on the daily, and I’d gasp in a fresh-air breath, soaking in Father’s homemade vitamin d, the way He’d intended; those five years in our first owned home might have been simple, but some days I’ll admit the way I handled hardships seemed wiser than the recents, and I ask Him how come in life sometimes it seems like we go backward before moving forward?

The hard things come in waves, they say, and I am in a place where if at all possible I’d rather not grin and bare them anymore and can you blame me? I got used to holding my breath before the dirt roads beckoned truth from my heart.

Like a poncho-wearing warrior, I squint my eyes in the storm, pushing forward through unknowns and sometimes confusion. Yes, even sometimes when I’m in my flesh, want the easy way out of whatever thing I am facing.

It’s easy in my head. To run away and do things like the way I envision it, between my ears, where long roads and unnecessary sweat are bypassed. But any way that is not His will not profit me. I’d wind up running in the dark, back into His arms, so why not stay here where it’s safe, though I can not captain the ship?


the joy of expectation (gardening and things coming soon)

I am not where I was then. Physically, or any other way for that matter. The woman in that house does not live here, where I am now. But sometimes I want the tenderness the other version had. Has strength made me hard?

Help me to remain tender. Tenderness can be painful because you say yes to things that keep you tender, on purpose. It goes against the flesh, and the way the flesh would have them.

stop comparing your past to your present and be grateful for every little thing

It wasn’t my plan to write about this. I had something else typed out but I’m saving it for next week. All I can think about right now, is being tender, like my #OneWord2023, clay. Workable, like clay.

Like workable clay, I surrender to the way He wants things. Does that mean I understand everything about that? No. Mostly no. He takes time to bend my edges and add deep designed cuts in places I wouldn’t choose.

My girls getting their nails done last week. A rare treat.

Having fingers pressed into your clay-sides, moving things this way and that, is not pretty. And then, at some point, you see this beautiful work of art at the end of it. Do you know what it went through? Not typically.

Typically, we are buying the end product, but Father delights in our process. Sometimes, getting reworked is what’s needed; to be balled up in lump-like fashion is a method of mercy. You are full of promise in His hands.

I will carry His presence with me from the bed to the filing cabinet. From the register to the door. To the door to the sink. From the mirror to the church. From the church to home, repeat.

Here I am, not longing to go back, but glad to feel again minus the saga of the apologizing woman. And I am not even sorry for not having the answers as to why life is not linear in how we go through it all.

If you are looking back wondering how you are still here, rejoice!

If you are looking back wishing you had something from then, now, stop wishing and ask!

If you are looking back in regret, STOP!

Be fully here and thankful for every minute of goodness He gave when nothing is what we deserved.

Head down, hands up.


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slowing down, settling in

Sharing here in this space, I want to make it clear I am not a Bible teacher by any means–though I know a few of you bloggers and spiritual mamas are, and it blows my mind how God’s Word seems to download in your brain and exit through a lesson so naturally.

In the past I have often read the Word, seeing a lot of “I” in the story; the pulling out of certain scriptures I need or want, and longing to dig deeper but not really knowing how, or I might make some headway but got quickly distracted by another “story” only to jump there, thereby never really gaining concrete knowledge in areas.

This past season at church we’ve been learning about how much of modern Christianity is made up of bits and pieces, rather than context of the Word. I always knew each story was written “back then” in a certain culture and sometimes for a certain crowd.

But now more than ever, I’ve been slowing down marinating in the scriptures, even if it seems to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get through a chapter. I may read and reread the same one many times before moving on. I am also learning reading the book as a whole and going back through each chapter slowly is another great way to sift and glean this valuable information exuding God’s love.

This year our Pastor had us starting in Genesis and rotating to Matthew. We are going through each book from that order, switching up each week. With taking turns reading and added discussion, it may take us a year to a few to make it through, but we really desire to know the context and understand even more.

I love how as a child of God you can never stop learning, and each phase has purpose.

In this space, I hope you hear my heart. I’ve always been a sharer more than a direct teacher, though years of Sunday school, VBS and homeschooling may say otherwise. I by no means want to downplay what these seasons of obedience did in my life or my kids.

I guess I felt compelled to reiterate what I am doing here, and that I am not claiming any role, title, or even a pursuit of scholarly proportions. I am simply a learner at heart with a passion to share what I learned; in case it could bless someone else.

This was my second full week back to the workforce, so I am still trying to find a new rhythm. As I get better, I hope to slightly expand what I am doing here, but I never want to speak to soon, so with prayer, we will see.

Love and blessings.


Air Date: February 8, 2023 » Listen to Leading The Way (Michael Youssef) Audio Archive » On the next Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef begins a series of messages taking you up-close and personal with the REAL cost of discipleship.

Source: Loyalty to Jesus » Audio Archive » Leading The Way

R.C. Sproul

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a day’s worth

What a joy it is to have worked a full day, be able to come home and cook, and still have some energy left to tend to other things. It is the little things that are so big to me. You are seeing the fruit of transition. It’s been a long time–about 2015– since this lady worked outside the home on a regular schedule.

Last night we enjoyed roasting veggies with our frugal choice of meat…fish sticks! My family likes them, but I ate an entire bowl of the veggies. I could not help myself.

Tonight, I am making chili. Two different kinds. One with pasta like goulash, and the other without the pasta. I like them both. What about you? I wanted to make it like mama does with the log but where we live, they are fresh out.

It’s always nice to wrap up a long day set up in the bed with a fresh journal page, scriptures, and whatever else I can find that I want beside me, haha! How do you end your days?

Hopefully, I will have more for you next week. This past week was my first week down at the new job! I am loving it and feel extremely blessed to be so close to home so I can let my Judah and Chloe out on my break.

Love you all. I look forward to reading your words.

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restlessness with a reason

“What is this rest toward which my heart yearns?” The Sabbath points to the day when God will remove all our restlessness and when He will welcome us into His eternal rest.”


Yesterday we moved our entire living room around. If you know me at all, you know I love light and nature, so windows are a big deal. If there is something to take a photo of, I’m on it. Staring out the window, I consider God’s majesty. Daily, I am in awe of His handiwork and mercy on our lives.

To me, this is an act of worship–one of my favorite ways, in fact. Using my mind to glorify my Maker. Normally, I prefer to ponder and create, or sing or pray while cleaning. But it was a snow day, and I was feeling frisky. I knew the following week would, Lord willing, behold changes restlessness would give birth to.

My internals came alive in one fell swoop. “Do everything you can to prepare, and while you’re at it, renovate the house.” Because yes–I not only deep cleaned, but some things I had been putting off finally unfolded as if the whole time *this* was the perfect day for it.

My husband had a brilliant idea that I tried to claim as my own when we first moved into the cozy cottage-cabin, as we call it. He suggested we swing the couch around once we moved the fireplace across the room against an opposite wall. We had tossed up the idea before but assumed it would be too much for the entry as soon as you opened the door.

Mind you, our space is c-o-z-y. It’s perfect for us. I’ve been watching Tiny Home episodes off and on lately to get new ideas for organizing small spaces. It blows my mind the things I would never think of doing, but that work great, and some of which, I hope to try one day.

It matters how we manage what we’re given. That’s another topic for another day; something I’ve been studying on, and hope to share when the Lord allows. Obviously, I am no expert and also want to practice what I am saying first, though I realize my best might seem a morsel to some. He knows the density of my mustard seed–He made it!

Anywho. Having a beloved sectional in such a cozy space can be challenging. So here I was thinking only the one way would suffice, but Matt was certain I would like this other design better.

I had been feeling restless for a while, desiring change, and the last time we felt this way we only wound up talking about it, then running out of time. I was determined to not let that happen again. We had an hour or two at our disposal and I wanted to make it count.

I was worried not facing both the windows would annoy me, but it turns out the other aspects were so great, it didn’t matter, and technically, the smaller window was to anyone’s right who now sat on the flipped couch. Everyone in the family loved it, even my sister who popped in for a second, agreed.

I can’t imagine going back to the way it was before. The moral of this story is that we are sometimes restless and desire change. Most times, we must realize this restlessness is not for no reason.

The Lord gave us bodily signals that go off for a reason. Sometimes I think our bodies know something is going on before we may want to admit it. In any case, I had been feeling restless for quite some time but could not pin-point which way Father wanted me to go.

Sometimes, I put so much pressure on myself to try and figure things out, when the fact of the matter is, I failed to realize I forgot what trust was all about.

Wow, oh wow.


The person who adored faith and named a blog after it?


It’s okay. It’s okay to realize anxiety and frustration and fear and resentment and a lot of other ugly things can happen over time with a slow downgrade down a slope of worry.

How had I let my brain get to this point? It’s not like I set out to sit, stand or walk while my mind attempted to hold up weights only God intended to carry. Worry is sin because it misses the mark of what He wants us to do with our minds. When we go against how He created us to function, we’re going to feel it somewhere.

And I did. So, as my story seems to go, I am back to prioritizing living at the pace He created me for, and I just have to let go of what others might think–namely my own high standards for myself which I only and forever should hold up to God’s. Daily mercy is needed.

A new favorite study on YouVersion. Check it out.

So, about that restlessness. I am thankful for the changes taking place. They are not only external ones but internal. The kinds you pray about for years and when you finally start to see growth, you almost want to rub your weary eyes.

But no matter what changes we undergo here in the temporal or even how satisfactory they seem it will always feel a bit like unfinished business.

This is on purpose! We were made for Christ–we were made to exist with Him eternally! But one day, we will actually see Him as He really is. We will see Him face to face.

And when that happens, we will be entering into His rest, truly and wholly, and will not even be able to imagine going back to the ways things were before. Before, you know, when every waking minute we yearned for rest that doesn’t seem so short-lived and yearned for the “rest” of the story.

We have a hope where we get to wake up looking forward to what the day might bring and must understand trust is a thing not made of jewels this side of Heaven.

I would like to imagine the journey of trust is one in the trenches, feet muddied and marred, learning the best routes so we can share them with others along our way to glory. So, in our restlessness, in the changes that may come, in the waiting or the finally unfolding, let us remember it is all with purpose as we live for Him.

May the void we feel today as we yearn to see Him face to face never be attempted to be filled by any other. Embrace the internal pain of being engaged to One you love but cannot yet behold entirely. It is this, which is a treasure. It is this, that proves our faith is real.

“…but just as it is written, “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinth. 2:9 nasb1995

It will all be worth it and entirely better than we can fathom.

No matter what news you may be facing today, hold onto the Hope of eternity with Christ Jesus. And if you don’t know who He is, know you were made on purpose by a God who loves you, and you can call to Him for salvation of your soul. That’s just the beginning…


“I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’
and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’
Bring my sons from afar
and my daughters from the ends of the earth—
everyone who is called by my name,
whom I created for my glory,
whom I formed and made.”

– Isaiah 43:6-7

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