Beauty in every corner.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This week I am summing up life with captured moments from the office and home. Before uploading I compared blog post titles since I’ve been back in this space, and it was quite interesting to me how about every three posts there was a slope, then back up it went.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Unpredictable. Ups and downs. We act shocked sometimes as if this is not common, but ups and downs are, even if we are spiritually grounded.

These photos tell me that even when things are what sometimes seems like a low point, there is beauty to be found. What will we focus on?

We can focus on lack, or abundance in Christ. Lack (we are moving and leaving people and familiar places, oh no!). Lack (where will we go?) Or, abundance (God must have a plan, and it’s better than mine no doubt!) Abundance (we will meet more people and they may become as family!)

The abundant outlook changes darkness to light. People we were once unsure of can be seen in a new way. Possible brothers and sisters. Instead of fear, potential is birthed from hope in Christ. It’s all about perspective.

Perspective matters, and this is something I thought about one night after a long day when I still had to run to the store, but decided to swing into a drive-thru for a snack, which I never do alone. I said, “Why not?”

Perspective can be beautiful. Those whom we love but hurt for, or are celebrating with for different reasons, is a gift. It’s a gift to feel. They should not rule us no, but I firmly believe the rawness of life was something Christ didn’t shy away from.

Christ displays abundant life for us, through the Word and in those who shine His light. Maybe some of us need more practice, and that’s okay. Father, we pray, help us. And thank You for it. We can’t do it without You. Life, that is.

Keep your chin up.

Hope Lives.

His name is Jesus.

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warmly, meg

Writing on a mountain, but I know the valley well.

2 thoughts on “Beauty in every corner.”

  1. Hi Meg, love 💕 reading about your life and enjoy seeing your family pictures and how everyone is growing in love. Always praying. Love from The Nilli’s

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