slowing down, settling in

Sharing here in this space, I want to make it clear I am not a Bible teacher by any means–though I know a few of you bloggers and spiritual mamas are, and it blows my mind how God’s Word seems to download in your brain and exit through a lesson so naturally.

In the past I have often read the Word, seeing a lot of “I” in the story; the pulling out of certain scriptures I need or want, and longing to dig deeper but not really knowing how, or I might make some headway but got quickly distracted by another “story” only to jump there, thereby never really gaining concrete knowledge in areas.

This past season at church we’ve been learning about how much of modern Christianity is made up of bits and pieces, rather than context of the Word. I always knew each story was written “back then” in a certain culture and sometimes for a certain crowd.

But now more than ever, I’ve been slowing down marinating in the scriptures, even if it seems to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get through a chapter. I may read and reread the same one many times before moving on. I am also learning reading the book as a whole and going back through each chapter slowly is another great way to sift and glean this valuable information exuding God’s love.

This year our Pastor had us starting in Genesis and rotating to Matthew. We are going through each book from that order, switching up each week. With taking turns reading and added discussion, it may take us a year to a few to make it through, but we really desire to know the context and understand even more.

I love how as a child of God you can never stop learning, and each phase has purpose.

In this space, I hope you hear my heart. I’ve always been a sharer more than a direct teacher, though years of Sunday school, VBS and homeschooling may say otherwise. I by no means want to downplay what these seasons of obedience did in my life or my kids.

I guess I felt compelled to reiterate what I am doing here, and that I am not claiming any role, title, or even a pursuit of scholarly proportions. I am simply a learner at heart with a passion to share what I learned; in case it could bless someone else.

This was my second full week back to the workforce, so I am still trying to find a new rhythm. As I get better, I hope to slightly expand what I am doing here, but I never want to speak to soon, so with prayer, we will see.

Love and blessings.


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3 thoughts on “slowing down, settling in”

  1. I do hear your heart, Meg! I’m so glad you are sharing again, making time even though you are working a job again. Love and blessings to you! xo

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