a day’s worth

What a joy it is to have worked a full day, be able to come home and cook, and still have some energy left to tend to other things. It is the little things that are so big to me. You are seeing the fruit of transition. It’s been a long time–about 2015– since this lady worked outside the home on a regular schedule.

Last night we enjoyed roasting veggies with our frugal choice of meat…fish sticks! My family likes them, but I ate an entire bowl of the veggies. I could not help myself.

Tonight, I am making chili. Two different kinds. One with pasta like goulash, and the other without the pasta. I like them both. What about you? I wanted to make it like mama does with the log but where we live, they are fresh out.

It’s always nice to wrap up a long day set up in the bed with a fresh journal page, scriptures, and whatever else I can find that I want beside me, haha! How do you end your days?

Hopefully, I will have more for you next week. This past week was my first week down at the new job! I am loving it and feel extremely blessed to be so close to home so I can let my Judah and Chloe out on my break.

Love you all. I look forward to reading your words.

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warmly, meg

Writing on a mountain, but I know the valley well.

3 thoughts on “a day’s worth”

  1. Your food looks delicious. I would love to take my journal and Bible and just relax before ed. Maybe sometime I can to that, too. Blessings to you! xo

    1. Hey Gayl, yes–it’s my new routine that just sort of fell into place. I am so exhausted but long for time with Him that it has quickly become a favorite part of my day, despite the fact it’s the end of it! Have a blessed week. xoxo

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